Foundation,thing that u have to get it right!

ok now its the time for me to answer all the question about foundation (excepet for my foundation routine by mel,will be up later).hopefully these infos will be a good one for you! :)

let me start with type of foundation.theres few type of them ;
  • Cream - thicker and heavier evenness
  • Liquid - easy to apply,looks more natural and smooth
  • Spray - comes in a aerosol can.easy to apply,can be spray directly to the skin but i nasihatkan use sponge.
  • Mineral - its actually mcm powder,less chemical and preservatives.ada utk light to full coverage.
  • Stick - from what i read and experienced,its like a concealer and foundation in 1.also heavier.
  • 2 way cake - its compact powder and foudation in 1.easy to apply and senang dibawa ke mana2 :P
  • Mousse - is a cream foundation that has a whipped consistency.

okay,thats the type.and untuk cari foundation mana yg sesuai for you.the very first thing u gotta know is what is your skin type.issit oily?dry?combination?after your skin has been determined,baru laaa kite boleh cari foundation apa yg suitable :) so as for the skin,ada few type of skin and foundation apa yg sesuai ;

  • Dry - for this type of skin u have to get an oil-based foundation or tinted moisturizer for light coverage.
  • Normal - this one is kinda easy,sebab light coverage aje dah cukup.or matte yg heavy pun boleh so face will be smooth and clear je.
  • Sensitive - untuk skin jenis ni,its important to be very careful so muka akan lebih terjaga and tak mudah naik jerawat or whatsoever.so foundation mestilah yg oil-free,fragrance-free and allergy tested.
  • Combination Skin - foudantion mesti oil-free and hydrating to prevent oily looks especially on T-zone.
  • Combination and Oily - pilih yg water based,definately oil-free.for powder,pilih yg matte.

so yeah.thats pretty much about it.its not about what foundation u nak beli or bagus,its about what your skin needed.and as for the shade,pastikan ambik one tone lighter as later when u guys sweating the color tend to be a bit darker.sedikit info dr ape yg i tau and some of them are from my reading :) hope that helps!see u again later with my new look!

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TQ sayang!!!

kalaula anne dekat ngan akak, lama dah amek kelas mekap2 ni. hehehe~

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