my fav toner (review).

if u ask me about my skincare,i can say that i almost use everything that can grabbed at my home.goat milk soap,L'oreal Cleanser,Johnsons Face Wash - yes,i dont have any specific product that i use for my skin.lucky,because i have a not-so-sensitive skin.its just a must for me to have my face washed everytime i bath and not to forget when it gets too oily.in fact in this nowadays weather makes my skin irritate,oily and whatnot.beside of washing my face,theres one more thing i couldnt resist for.

its my toner.

like seriously,if have oily skin,dry or irritation ; this Bobbi Brown Soothing Face Tonic is strongly recommended.its alcohol-free,and it has cucumber extract which is known as a very good face soother. for oily type of skin,it will take the dirt and oil away,and as for dry skin type,it will instantly soothe and calm ur face.its cooling naturally,gently and the lavender smell will keep u relax and fresh :)

come with a gorgeous,heavy glass bottle ; this is a very very good toner that u could ask for.I rate this 4.9 stars :)

price info : roughly MYR90+

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