Sephora Haul.

as promise,these are some stuff that i bought in Sephora on my visits to singapore.it was like heaveeennn!what other better way to spend your money other than makeup?(for those makeup maniac like me ofcourse!)

Urban Decay 24/7 Super Stash Glide On Pencils.

been aiming for this super cute pencils for ages!
the color is vibrant,super duper easy to apply (i guess thats why 'glide' is part of the name),
and it comes with 9 colors including 5 best-selling colors.
SGD 63.00 per set.
(roughly MYR150)
from left ; Zero,Oil Slick,Corrupt,Eldorado,Grafitti,Binge,Ransom,Rockstar,Stash.

And here come the best part,i saw this baby right at the entrance!its URBAN DECAY ALICE IN WONDERLAND BOOK OF SHADOWS!lol,i grabbed it right away and put in my basket before i proceed to another counter,its like a must-have pallete!comes with 16 cute eyeshadows ; vibrant and exclusive,two glide on pencils in Zero and Flipside,and also a mini-size of UDPP.and the shadows has been renamed to their wonderland names,will provide u their real names later :)


what make it moree nice and interesting is the illustration provided inside.as u flip the cover opennn...

TADAAAAAA.how cute is the mirror part!its like u can see yourself in their wonderland.

the pallete comes in a drawer-like compartment.just below the mirror site.

upper,from left;
Underland (Flash),Alice (Painkiller),Oraculum (Baked),Queen (Last Call),
Chessur (Chopper),White Rabbit (Polyester Bride) and Wonderland (Maui Wowie)

bottom, from left;
Curiouser (Grifter),Muchness (X),Mushroom (Mushroom),
Midnight Tea Party (Midnight Cowboy Rides Again),Vorpal (S&M), Absolem (Homegrown),
Drink Me,Eat Me (Sin), Mad Hatter (Twice Baked), J abberwocky (Oil Slick)

names in the bracket are their real name.
SGD 88.00 per set
(roughly MYR 180)

walking around,grabbed this Too Faced Shadow Insurance and the Eye Seal from Makeup Forever.for those who doesnt know about this Eye Seal,its actually a liquid which converting ur eyeshadow to a waterproof one when u mix it up.how cool is that rite?very good for outdoor makeup such like photoshoot or wedding.also,good for those who has watery eyes :)
SGD 28 (MYR 50+) for the Too Faced primer
SGD 45 (MYR 90+) for the Eye Seal.
also grabbed these products from Sephora itself.

Sephora Mattifying Compact ; to prevent oily looks on your face.
SGD 30 (MYR 70+)

Sephora Sun Disk in 02 ; bronzer compact powder.sunless tanner.
SGD 28 (MYR50+)

Sephora Mattifying Foundation in D40 and R40 shade ;
SGD 22 (MYR 45+)

OK some menyelit session,i also bought this Chanel Powder Blush at duty free for SGD 55 and this DUO Eyelash Adhesive for SGD 14.what cool about this glue is,its in a dark tone.black to be exact.so u no need to touch up lot like on the normal white glue :) save time.plus its waterproof,i think worth your money for buying.

that's all for now,will come up later with new episode of Looks and Colors :)
till then guys.

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Lilianna Mardiana said...

omg anne!!! bace blog u ni, boleh buat I cancel hendak kumpul duit beli ps3 okey!!!!
hahaha, the alice in the wonderland set is soo freaking cute!!!

btw, nanti u cuba few looks with that palette, snap picture byk2 ye! coz I mcm hendak kiram je suruh kwn I belikan ni, haha. :P

wande-ful said...

wow...what a loot !

more and more tutorials after this?
please say yes. :)

anne; said...

yana : huhu percayelah ianya sgt cute.i ingat nak singapore lg this sunday lol!mau shopping.kalau jadi bley la u kirim kat i.

mel : sureee :) will keep u update yea :D

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