Sharing is Caring #1 : How to Get a Perfect Brows.

Things You'll Need:
•Eye brow gel
•Brow pencil

Step 1 :
Invest in a high quality tweezer, for the best results. Expect to pay anywhere from $4 to $25 (MYR15- MYR90) for quality tweezers.

Step 2:
If you don't have a natural arch, create one. To create your arch locate where your iris ends, directly above that on your eyebrow is where your arch should be. Do not make your arch too high or too thin because an incorrectly shaped arch may leave you with a surprised or angry look on your face.

Step 3 :
Mask the pain. If you are particularly sensitive to pain on your face, or your skin gets red easily, take two anti-inflammatories or pain-killers before tweezing.

Step 4:
Moisturize the area. It is much less painful to tweeze if your skin is hydrated and moisturized. Apply a few drops of unscented lotion to the area before tweezing. If your skin is sensitive, numb your skin and minimize pain before tweezing by placing an ice cube for approximately 20 seconds on the area you will be working on. To avoid redness, place the ice cube on your eyebrow for a minute after you have finished tweezing.

Step 5:
Pluck hairs that are out of line with your intended eyebrow shape. This includes stray hairs and hairs that are sticking out further than you would like. Your eyebrows will look their best when they aren't framed by pesky messy stray hairs.

Step 6:
Fill in your eyebrows. If you thin eyebrows or if any small gaps in your eyebrows, fill them in with an eyebrow pencil to make them look fuller. Choose a shade that is three shades lighter than your natural hair color.

Step 7:
Brush eyebrows with eyebrow gel to keep them in place for the rest of the day

credit to : eHow.com

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