Kak Nad : Trial for Solemnization -10.6.2010

the other day,finally kak nad came over to my place for her trial makeup.she just want a simple makeup as its gonna be held at mosque.so i decided not to put so much facny colors on her and just go on with simpe goldish color :)
here are the pictures!

kak nad before.

after.withe her friend kak ecah yg lawa gilaaa :)


Sneak Peek - Greenipurple.


alternative brushes! (review)

i personally think that to get a beautiful and nice makeup,is always started with a good quality brush.as you know,MAC,Bobbi Brown,Shu Eumura producing very good brushes instead of any other brushes company (which is bunch of em).like me,i love MAC brushes.i have a set of them all and some of them i repurchased but still,i just love to have new brushes again.definately if i keep on buying MAC brushes it will burn my pocket off.haha.

so..i decided to try out new brushes.recently i went to Stage and Etude House.get 3 brushes for trial.foundation brush and concealer brush from Stage and shadow brush from Etude House.
what i can say is..well let me start with Etude House shadow brush.i dont really into it,since i found that the hair is not good enough,its a bit rough.and that makes the shadow color doesnt really get onto the hair and affecting the result on the lid.if u patient enough to reapply till u get the best color on ur lid,then u can go with this one.im not saying that this is horrible,just being me - i want a smooth process without needing me to do the same job over and over again so i need something that'll make things easy for me.and as for the price,reasonable - RM19.90.

and lets move on to the Stage brushes.if u're looking for a good brushes but lil bit lower on price,these will be it.because i found that the quality is not bad.or i can say its close to any other good brushes such mac (for these two).the special thing about the foundation brush is its lil bit smaller but compact and the hair ; is really good for creamy products.im very fussy when it comes to foundation brush because i found that its quite hard for me to clean them up without some foundation still remain on it.even after using my extra virgin olive oil.so i need to sometimes,clean in twice.so as for this brush,the hair is synthetic,and i found that this one is easier to wash.

for the concealer,yes i love it so much.like really.because it is similar to bobbi brown duet concealer brush that has been discontinued.nothing much to complain about this.and their price is reasonable for this kind of quality.RM90 for the foundation (if im not mistaken) and RM75 for the concealer brush.

so thats it!will do more review on another alternative brushes!
till then :)

Looks and Colors #7 : Glitter Grey

i bought a new stage silver eyeliner recently,so decided to try it out!


My mac paletteeee!

Happy mode :) haul and looks coming up soon! Dior,chanel and much more so stay tune :)
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Now you can ask me anything! (as long its not a crap one.)

hope to see u soon.


Looks and Colors #6 : Pin-Up.

one of my favourite makeup look is pin-up style!
classic and sultry :)

Foundation,thing that u have to get it right!

ok now its the time for me to answer all the question about foundation (excepet for my foundation routine by mel,will be up later).hopefully these infos will be a good one for you! :)

let me start with type of foundation.theres few type of them ;
  • Cream - thicker and heavier evenness
  • Liquid - easy to apply,looks more natural and smooth
  • Spray - comes in a aerosol can.easy to apply,can be spray directly to the skin but i nasihatkan use sponge.
  • Mineral - its actually mcm powder,less chemical and preservatives.ada utk light to full coverage.
  • Stick - from what i read and experienced,its like a concealer and foundation in 1.also heavier.
  • 2 way cake - its compact powder and foudation in 1.easy to apply and senang dibawa ke mana2 :P
  • Mousse - is a cream foundation that has a whipped consistency.

okay,thats the type.and untuk cari foundation mana yg sesuai for you.the very first thing u gotta know is what is your skin type.issit oily?dry?combination?after your skin has been determined,baru laaa kite boleh cari foundation apa yg suitable :) so as for the skin,ada few type of skin and foundation apa yg sesuai ;

  • Dry - for this type of skin u have to get an oil-based foundation or tinted moisturizer for light coverage.
  • Normal - this one is kinda easy,sebab light coverage aje dah cukup.or matte yg heavy pun boleh so face will be smooth and clear je.
  • Sensitive - untuk skin jenis ni,its important to be very careful so muka akan lebih terjaga and tak mudah naik jerawat or whatsoever.so foundation mestilah yg oil-free,fragrance-free and allergy tested.
  • Combination Skin - foudantion mesti oil-free and hydrating to prevent oily looks especially on T-zone.
  • Combination and Oily - pilih yg water based,definately oil-free.for powder,pilih yg matte.

so yeah.thats pretty much about it.its not about what foundation u nak beli or bagus,its about what your skin needed.and as for the shade,pastikan ambik one tone lighter as later when u guys sweating the color tend to be a bit darker.sedikit info dr ape yg i tau and some of them are from my reading :) hope that helps!see u again later with my new look!


i know some of the readers have been asking me about foundation.

how to choose the right foundation ;
what kind of foundation is good ;
hows my foundation routine;

and so on...

i do wanna asnwer all of those,so keep sticking with this site so u wont miss a thing!
soon.very soon :)

see ya later!

Looks and Colors #5 : Smokey T-qoise.


beauty is everywhere.


MAC and Makeup Forever Haul.

im soooooo sorry bacause has been on hiatus for quite a while.the reason is,i've registered to a gym and my training with my personal trainer has been started.so..one more thing need to be added in my busy life.equal to?BUSIER.

Anyhow,i bought few stuff from MAC Spring Forecast collection.its been a while actually,only today i got the chance to post it up.and also,few from MakeUp Forever.

palette and lipgloss from collection no 3,pigments stacked 1,blusher,pink lipsticks from collection 1.

foundation (like againnnnnnnnnn!) and countouring kit.

and this plasto waxxxx!
co im thinking to do RedQueen inspired look.hahah.
crazehhh but what say youu?

gosh i knoww its lack of infos!sorry bout that.but trust me,no worries once i can recall all the infos or prices (and when i got time ofcourse!) i'll update them aite?love love,stay tune for the new looks!


MAC Spring Color Forecast

tomorrow wanna go and get mine :)

dont you feel the temptation?

Looks and Colors #5 : Hot Pink.

pic 1&2 : skin part has been edited a bit to enhance the colors.

and ofcourse inspired by my hotpink nailssssss!


Color of the day.

Hot pink is soooo cute.
*sorry,pic belum touch up :D

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my fav toner (review).

if u ask me about my skincare,i can say that i almost use everything that can grabbed at my home.goat milk soap,L'oreal Cleanser,Johnsons Face Wash - yes,i dont have any specific product that i use for my skin.lucky,because i have a not-so-sensitive skin.its just a must for me to have my face washed everytime i bath and not to forget when it gets too oily.in fact in this nowadays weather makes my skin irritate,oily and whatnot.beside of washing my face,theres one more thing i couldnt resist for.

its my toner.

like seriously,if have oily skin,dry or irritation ; this Bobbi Brown Soothing Face Tonic is strongly recommended.its alcohol-free,and it has cucumber extract which is known as a very good face soother. for oily type of skin,it will take the dirt and oil away,and as for dry skin type,it will instantly soothe and calm ur face.its cooling naturally,gently and the lavender smell will keep u relax and fresh :)

come with a gorgeous,heavy glass bottle ; this is a very very good toner that u could ask for.I rate this 4.9 stars :)

price info : roughly MYR90+

Looks and Colors #4 : Maroon Mania.


Looks and Colors #3 : Purple Violeta.

first look using Alice In Wonderland Palette ;

Inner corner - White Rabbit
Middle - Curiouser
Outer Corner - Queen
Crease - Mad Hatter
Primer - Too Faced Shadow Insurance


My everyday look.

Yeahhh u got it right,no makeup! :D
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being in this field,im totally aware of all those fake makeups that been selling like hot cake out there.u can browse through any of beauty forums,and u must found at least one thread selling fake makeups.for me,i frankly doesn't know how to diffrentiate between the real and the fake one (except if they stated something obvious!).

so the easy way that always been my choice is only buy at the store itself.and yes,its expensive.but being me,i hate to buy fake makeups.not just the quality,but the also the contents.i can say that i got a not-so-sensitive skin,i can wear like whatever brand of skincare i want without worrying much about my skin ; but still the afraid of my skin will be damaged if im using all those fake cosmetics is there and coz of that i prefer not to use these items which we dont know how it was produced.plus im gonna use on my clients,so its not a good way to gain a trust :) anyhow,i can say its an alternative for those who can't afford to buy the authentic one.plus i think if the quality is almost the same as the real one example like brushes,so why not?as long as u get it for personal use,i think there's nothing wrong with it.

anyway,if anybody know how to check the authentication of any cosmetics,do share it here.coz the temptation to shop online is soooo sooo likeee arghhh.u know how u been wanting something and once u found it,its on somebody's blog or on a forum and the best thing is its waaaaaaayyy cheaper.so no other way to buy it but there.

im coming with a first look from Alice In Wonderland palette,so stay tune!
till then,guys.


Sharing is Caring #1 : How to Get a Perfect Brows.

Things You'll Need:
•Eye brow gel
•Brow pencil

Step 1 :
Invest in a high quality tweezer, for the best results. Expect to pay anywhere from $4 to $25 (MYR15- MYR90) for quality tweezers.

Step 2:
If you don't have a natural arch, create one. To create your arch locate where your iris ends, directly above that on your eyebrow is where your arch should be. Do not make your arch too high or too thin because an incorrectly shaped arch may leave you with a surprised or angry look on your face.

Step 3 :
Mask the pain. If you are particularly sensitive to pain on your face, or your skin gets red easily, take two anti-inflammatories or pain-killers before tweezing.

Step 4:
Moisturize the area. It is much less painful to tweeze if your skin is hydrated and moisturized. Apply a few drops of unscented lotion to the area before tweezing. If your skin is sensitive, numb your skin and minimize pain before tweezing by placing an ice cube for approximately 20 seconds on the area you will be working on. To avoid redness, place the ice cube on your eyebrow for a minute after you have finished tweezing.

Step 5:
Pluck hairs that are out of line with your intended eyebrow shape. This includes stray hairs and hairs that are sticking out further than you would like. Your eyebrows will look their best when they aren't framed by pesky messy stray hairs.

Step 6:
Fill in your eyebrows. If you thin eyebrows or if any small gaps in your eyebrows, fill them in with an eyebrow pencil to make them look fuller. Choose a shade that is three shades lighter than your natural hair color.

Step 7:
Brush eyebrows with eyebrow gel to keep them in place for the rest of the day

credit to : eHow.com

feel like..

i wanna give free makeover again.

what say youuuu?


Looks and Colors #2.

Purple Baby.

Sephora Haul.

as promise,these are some stuff that i bought in Sephora on my visits to singapore.it was like heaveeennn!what other better way to spend your money other than makeup?(for those makeup maniac like me ofcourse!)

Urban Decay 24/7 Super Stash Glide On Pencils.

been aiming for this super cute pencils for ages!
the color is vibrant,super duper easy to apply (i guess thats why 'glide' is part of the name),
and it comes with 9 colors including 5 best-selling colors.
SGD 63.00 per set.
(roughly MYR150)
from left ; Zero,Oil Slick,Corrupt,Eldorado,Grafitti,Binge,Ransom,Rockstar,Stash.

And here come the best part,i saw this baby right at the entrance!its URBAN DECAY ALICE IN WONDERLAND BOOK OF SHADOWS!lol,i grabbed it right away and put in my basket before i proceed to another counter,its like a must-have pallete!comes with 16 cute eyeshadows ; vibrant and exclusive,two glide on pencils in Zero and Flipside,and also a mini-size of UDPP.and the shadows has been renamed to their wonderland names,will provide u their real names later :)


what make it moree nice and interesting is the illustration provided inside.as u flip the cover opennn...

TADAAAAAA.how cute is the mirror part!its like u can see yourself in their wonderland.

the pallete comes in a drawer-like compartment.just below the mirror site.

upper,from left;
Underland (Flash),Alice (Painkiller),Oraculum (Baked),Queen (Last Call),
Chessur (Chopper),White Rabbit (Polyester Bride) and Wonderland (Maui Wowie)

bottom, from left;
Curiouser (Grifter),Muchness (X),Mushroom (Mushroom),
Midnight Tea Party (Midnight Cowboy Rides Again),Vorpal (S&M), Absolem (Homegrown),
Drink Me,Eat Me (Sin), Mad Hatter (Twice Baked), J abberwocky (Oil Slick)

names in the bracket are their real name.
SGD 88.00 per set
(roughly MYR 180)

walking around,grabbed this Too Faced Shadow Insurance and the Eye Seal from Makeup Forever.for those who doesnt know about this Eye Seal,its actually a liquid which converting ur eyeshadow to a waterproof one when u mix it up.how cool is that rite?very good for outdoor makeup such like photoshoot or wedding.also,good for those who has watery eyes :)
SGD 28 (MYR 50+) for the Too Faced primer
SGD 45 (MYR 90+) for the Eye Seal.
also grabbed these products from Sephora itself.

Sephora Mattifying Compact ; to prevent oily looks on your face.
SGD 30 (MYR 70+)

Sephora Sun Disk in 02 ; bronzer compact powder.sunless tanner.
SGD 28 (MYR50+)

Sephora Mattifying Foundation in D40 and R40 shade ;
SGD 22 (MYR 45+)

OK some menyelit session,i also bought this Chanel Powder Blush at duty free for SGD 55 and this DUO Eyelash Adhesive for SGD 14.what cool about this glue is,its in a dark tone.black to be exact.so u no need to touch up lot like on the normal white glue :) save time.plus its waterproof,i think worth your money for buying.

that's all for now,will come up later with new episode of Looks and Colors :)
till then guys.


Upcoming haul.

its from SEPHORAAAA!
wait for it cause as for now im pretty busy :)

promise will make it up asap!

Looks and Colors #1.

open eyes.

closed :D

did this like few days back,as usual..nothing to do so its makeup time!


Christian Dior Skinflash Primer
Makeup Forever HD Foundation in 153
MAC Loose Powder in NC30
Chanel Loose Powder in Translucent 02 (for finishing)

-EYE -
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Anna Sui Eye Color Accent in 103
Revlon Matte Eyeshadow in 005 (Venetian Blue)
MAC Eyeshadow in Stars 'n' Rocket
Christian Dior Mascara (Diorsnow Ionic)
Majorlica Majorca Automatic Eyeliner
Dolly fakelashes

MAC Sheertone Shimmer Blush in Dollymix

MAC Lipstick in Spirit
NYX Sheer Lipgloss

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