MAC and Makeup Forever Haul.

im soooooo sorry bacause has been on hiatus for quite a while.the reason is,i've registered to a gym and my training with my personal trainer has been started.so..one more thing need to be added in my busy life.equal to?BUSIER.

Anyhow,i bought few stuff from MAC Spring Forecast collection.its been a while actually,only today i got the chance to post it up.and also,few from MakeUp Forever.

palette and lipgloss from collection no 3,pigments stacked 1,blusher,pink lipsticks from collection 1.

foundation (like againnnnnnnnnn!) and countouring kit.

and this plasto waxxxx!
co im thinking to do RedQueen inspired look.hahah.
crazehhh but what say youu?

gosh i knoww its lack of infos!sorry bout that.but trust me,no worries once i can recall all the infos or prices (and when i got time ofcourse!) i'll update them aite?love love,stay tune for the new looks!

3 lipgloss:

wande-ful said...


i just wonder. how to rock a purple lipgloss? what will it look like?

and...i would love to know your foundation routine !

sorry for asking to much~ hehe

anne; said...

well,thanks for asking!
at least giving me idea to keep my blog update :D

will come up with that soon okayh?

puterikurekure said...

nanti bila2 senang, ajar akak camne nak mekap dengan betul eh. akak skang ni mekap pakai hentam je.

oh. and 1 thing...
anne boleh tolong akak senaraikan basic tools untuk simple make over tak? akak slalu konfius nak beli liquid foundation atau powder base foundation. haihhhh~

harap2 tok guru anne dapat la bantu akak yang buta mekap2 ni.

tq dik!

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