being in this field,im totally aware of all those fake makeups that been selling like hot cake out there.u can browse through any of beauty forums,and u must found at least one thread selling fake makeups.for me,i frankly doesn't know how to diffrentiate between the real and the fake one (except if they stated something obvious!).

so the easy way that always been my choice is only buy at the store itself.and yes,its expensive.but being me,i hate to buy fake makeups.not just the quality,but the also the contents.i can say that i got a not-so-sensitive skin,i can wear like whatever brand of skincare i want without worrying much about my skin ; but still the afraid of my skin will be damaged if im using all those fake cosmetics is there and coz of that i prefer not to use these items which we dont know how it was produced.plus im gonna use on my clients,so its not a good way to gain a trust :) anyhow,i can say its an alternative for those who can't afford to buy the authentic one.plus i think if the quality is almost the same as the real one example like brushes,so why not?as long as u get it for personal use,i think there's nothing wrong with it.

anyway,if anybody know how to check the authentication of any cosmetics,do share it here.coz the temptation to shop online is soooo sooo likeee arghhh.u know how u been wanting something and once u found it,its on somebody's blog or on a forum and the best thing is its waaaaaaayyy cheaper.so no other way to buy it but there.

im coming with a first look from Alice In Wonderland palette,so stay tune!
till then,guys.

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Lilianna Mardiana said...

i always bought makeup online, haha, not just because it's a lot cheaper but because I couldn't found one in the store at JB. (-__-) mcm brand nyx la for example.

mmg susah nak differentiate, but i guess u kena cari seller yg u trust and hv a good reputation of selling authentic brands, and makeup yg harus jgn dibeli online adalah mac, haha, all mac makeup online is from dubai or something. :)

anne; said...

tu la,brand yg takde kat malaysia pun sebolehnye i tamau beli online,sebab takut.tu mase g sephora sume i nak angkut,lol.

haha yeah mac bnyak fake,but then ada jgk few trust seller.sometimes they got like mac pro membership yg dpt 40% off,and dorang pun jual like bit cheaper but higher than what they bought.boley percaya jgk la,tp still perasaan unsecure tu tetappp ade.huhu

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